An empty stretcher is being brought up the ramp to symbolize the victms who were not recovered at "Ground Zero" during the ceremony that signals the end of the recovery, on 5-30-02.

The FDNY ambulance slowly comes up the ramp on 5-30-02.

NYPD, FDNY & PAPD Pipers march up the ramp on 5-30-02.

Firefighters, Police, and other Emergency workes form an Honor Guard as the last beam leaves the World Trade Center on 5-30-02.

The procession headed up West Street towards Canal Street. Thousands were cheering the procession.

The symbolic riderless horse slowly makes his way up West Street.

The Governor and the Mayor & former Mayor follow the procession.

The END of the Ceremony Marks the end of the Recovey effort at "Ground Zero". Never Forget 9-11-01!

Click here to go to the FDNY Memorial Service held on October 12, 2002, at Madison Square Garden.

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