"Ground Zero" Looking towards Vesey & Church Street on 4-17-02.

Looking Towards the Slurry wall on West Street side of the bathtub.

This is the metal ramp that replaced the North & South ramps. notice the banners on the ramp. Below the ramp is the covered Path train tracks.

Squad Company 288 was operating at "ground Zero" on 4-17-02.

John Vigiano the retired captain of Ladder Company 176 was at "Ground Zero" every Sunday. John Lost both of his sons on 9-11-01. Joe was a "HERO Emergency Service Police Officer, John Jr. was in Ladder Company 132.
I used to ride with John when he was a LT. in Rescue Company # 2 in the late 1970's & early 80's. Words cannot express the sorrow I have for John & his family, John is a great and honorable man who always helped anyone. He has risked his life on numerous occasions to save others.

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