These are some of the photos that I have taken of the World Trade Center before September 11, 2001.
In some of the photos the World Trade Center is the subject, In others the WTC appears in the backround.
The view from Brooklyn towards Manhattan will never be the same.

The above photo was taken from the top of the Municiple building looking towards the WTC. The Woolworth building is between the Twin Towers. St. Pauls Chapel can be seen in the lower left of the photo.

This view was taken from the retired FDNY Fireboat Harvey

We were just about to pass under the Brooklyn Bridge when I took this photo.

The Deck Guns from the Fireboat Harvey Proudly appear before the skyline in lower Manhattan.

This photo was taken at dusk as the sun was quietly setting.

A classic photo taken from under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side.

This photo was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

Fourth of July fireworks light up the East River.

Fireboats attack a Gasoline Barge Fire, as the NYC skyline looms in the backround.


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