Some of New York City's Police Station photos that I took in my travels around the City. This is the Old First Precinct, which is under renovation for the police Museum's return.

Old Fourth Precinct, now First Precinct.

Fifth Precinct

Sixth Precinct.

Ninth Precinct.

13th Precinct.

19th Precinct.

23rd Precinct

26th Precinct.

28th Precinct.

29th Precinct

33rd Precinct.

40th Precinct.

41st Precinct.

The old 41st Precinct (Fort Apache).

45th Precinct.

63rd Precinct.

78th Precinct.

79th Precinct.

88th Precinct.

94th Precinct.

108th Precinct.

NYPD Academy.

Midtown North Precinct.

Old 75th Precinct.

Old 83rd Precinct.

Old Police Headquarters.

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