We visited New Orleans this August. We stayed for 6 days and five nights. I like to explore and take photos. I walked miles around the city. I did not have a lot of time to explore all parts of the city. I had to pick and choose where we wanted to go. We took a tour that took us to points of interest around the city. We took a trolly uptown. It was a cloudy day with on and off rain. I prefer to walk and get the feel of a neighborhood and take my photos. The contrasts of different neighborhoods in NOLA are amazing. From Bourbon street in the French Quarter, where anything goes, to the mansions and houses of the Garden districts. The history and architecture are amazing. I took over 3,000 images and video. We ate at various resuarants. We tried th Po-Boy sandwiches and the famous Cafe Du Monde for its famous suger-dusted biegnets and cafe' au lait. We had great seafood but i am not a fan of the spices used in creole cooking. The music all around the city is great. We took a jazz cruise on the sreamboat Natchez. After spending 6 days in the city, I had good feel of the areas of the city we visited. We enjoyed the culture, the people, the easy relaxed feeling and of course, the architecture and history of this amazing city.

The oldest trolly on Canal Street.

The Palace Cafe on Canal Street.

The view of Kolbs and the Pearl Oyster house on St Charles ave.

The colors of the electric and neon signs really stand out on Bourbon street.

How about a huge drink in the Big Easy?

Another great sign.

A tee shirt store.

Bourbon Street is always packed except early in the mornings.

A view of Decatur Street.

A morning view of Bourbon Street.

colorful flowers adorn beautiful cast iron balconies..

Lafayette Square sign.

The Statue of Henry Clay.

The Hale Boggs Federal building and Courthouse.

The United States Court of Appeals taken from the park.

The 5th Circut United States Court of Appeals.

Gallier Hall landmark sign.

Gallier Hall was the former City Hall. This building is used for filmimg movie and TV shows including NCIS New Orleans.

The Bar Association and other legal offices are in these buildings.

A house in the lower Garden neighborhood.

Tracys an irish pub est 1949 on Magazine Ave.

Horses and buggies are waiting for passengers in front of Jackson Square.

St. Louis Cathedral, The oldest Cathedral in North America and the city's most recognized landmark

The Cathadral was completed in 1851. It was built over the foundation of a 1727 Church.

The inside view looking towards the Alter.

A close-up view of the Alter.

A sign with history of the city.

A view of the Mississippii river.

The Cerole Queen going up the Mississippii river.

Take the oldest paddle steam boat in service, the Natchez for a dinner or jazz tour.

The Paddle wheel from the Natchez powers the boat.

The old Jackson Brewery for shopping and dining.

The Superdome.

The famous Saenger Theatre has many Broadway type plays.

The Royle Hotel Desire..

The old balcony is loaded with numerous hanging plants.

The gateway and Felix's bar.

A view of Burbon Street.

The Cornet serves New Orleans Cuisine.

A statue of a first line band in Louis Armstrong Park.

A beautiful painted red and white house.

A decorated yellow house.

The Famous J and M recording studio sign.

A The J and M studio is now a dry cleaners.

A beautiful Red Trolly car.

The Civil War Museum Sign.

The Civil War Museum

There are a lot of homeless people in the French Quarter.

Louis Armstrong Statue.

A trolly on Canal Street in the evening..

A Two green Trollys.

A One of the WW ll National museum buildings.

A This is a great Museum, It's a must see attraction in New Orleans.

A room full of equipment from WW ll.

The New Orleans Police department Eight district station house. It was a bank that was built in 1826.

A NOFD Engine company driving through the French Quarter.

The New Orleans Supreme Court building.

All of the graves in the New Orleans cemetary's are above ground due to the New Orleans being at or below sea levels.

Impressive grave sites that include family members.

A statue of the founder of New Orleans in the farmers market area.

A statue of Allison "Big Chief Tootie" is in Louis Armstrong Park.

Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square.

Washington Artillery Park on the waterfront.


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