On July 9th 1989, in the Sunnyside section of Queens, a 15 year old boy was playing ball in the court yard of his apartment building. The ball landed over a tall iron picket fence. While climbing over the fence to retreive the ball, the boy slipped and an iron spike impaled the boy through his neck and came out of his mouth. The boy was extremely lucky. The spike missed his jugular by a few centermeters. The boy was stuck on the fence hanging, unable to move. The Poilce and fire departments were called.

Firefighters, Police Emergency Service, and EMS personnel arrived at the scene, and had to immobilize the boy against the fence.

Firefighter Mike Loftus from Rescue Company 4 used an acetylene torch to cut the fence.

Rescue personnel supported & protected the boy with a fire extingusher, that cooled of the area while the fence was being cut.

The fence was cut all around the boy. The boy was immobilized to the fence. The boy & the fence had to be removed to the hospital to prevent further injury.

The boy & the fence had to be carefully removed to the ambulance.

The boy suffered a fractured Jaw & lost a couple of teeth. He spent a week in the hospital. Rescue company 4 went into the operating room to assist doctors with removing the spike from the boys neck. It was a sucessful rescue. The section of fence that was cut now hangs in the quarters of Rescue Company 4.



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