The NEON Virgin Sign is gone! Now we have giant LED billboards all over Broadway and Times Square. I think the Neon and old fashioned blinking lights were more colorful than the modern LED billboards. The new technology is cheaper and more effecient than light bulbs. You don't have to have a sign company come in to change the signs on the billboards. The photos on this page are buildings and things that no longer exist, or are in the process of demolition or changes made to the subjects pictured. This is just food for thought. How many subjects in the photos do you remember?

Times Square & Broadway in the 1990's. No pedestrian mall, traffic on Broadway and 7th Avenue and the year is not displayed on the old Times building.

The ESPN Zone closed a few years ago.

The Long Island City's artistic 5 Pointz building was demolished to make way for condos.

The FDNY left Pier-A in Battery Park.

The World Trade Center from E. Bway.

The WTC Sphere.

The Playpen X-rated theatre on 8th Ave. was demolished.

There is a Huge, block long, new, modern LED billboard where the Kodak sign used to be, on the wall of the Marriott Marquee Hotel.

Kenny's Castaway Closed.

The Old Village Gate Theatre sign.

The Figaro Cafe is gone.

Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport was demolished. A new shopping center will be constructed.

The Essex Street Market on the LES, is scheduled for demolition. New Hi-rise Condos will appear.

Nobody beats the Wiz!

Old Good Humor Ice Cream Truck.

The Roseland Ballroom has been demolished to make way for a Hotel and or condos.

This Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree had light bulbs on it. Now LED bulbs are used on the tree.

Shea Stadium in 1992.

The old Yankee Stadium.

Old Brooklyn Fire Department headquarters on Jay Street.

The Lime colored Fire Truck experiment did not last.

An Old NYC EMS beat-up Ambulance that was still in service.

The disbanded Engine Company 212 on Wythe Ave. in Greenpoint.

The now Closed Fire Patrol number 2 Firehouse.

The old Brooklyn MERV 3.

The old Queens County Family Court on Parsons Blvd.

An Old NYPD ESU truck from the 1950's.

The old Colors of the PAPD.

Fire Patrol number 3's firehouse on Dean Street before they were disbanded.

The old searchlight 21 working at a Brooklyn 4th Alarm. It now resides in the FDNY Museum.

This building on Pennsylvania and liberty Avenues was once a Municiple Courthouse.

The Old 75th Pct in East New York, Brooklyn.

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