For my Birthday present, my wife took my younger daughter and myself to Puerto Rico in August of 2015. Old San juan is a photographers paradise. So much to see, so much history. I took a few thousand images during our one week stay. These are some of the best images I took. I concentrated on taking beautiful images, concentrating all my attention on composition and exposure. I did a lot of walking around Old San Juan. Sorry if I did not take note of the streets where some of the images were taken. I will continue to add more images soon. Check back for updates.

A street scene in old San Juan.

Beautiful Old San Juan.

The Puerto Rican flag painted on the door of a vacant building.

The colors really stand out.

A view looking down a San Juan street.

A restaurant in old San Juan.

A view from the fort San Cristobal Castle.

A school

A view from the fort San Cristobal Castle looking at Old San Juan.

The Old Casino.

A colorful building.

Beautiful pastel colors.

More Art Deco.

The Capitol building.

Another blue stoned street in Old San Juan.

A telephoto lens was used in this photo.

The Mother African Methodist Episcopal Church.

A sunset view from the top of a restauarnt in Isla Verde.

The streets look different as the sun rises and sets causing different shadows during the day.

The governor's mansion.

A cruise ship passes by an old San Juan Street.


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