My mother's block in Brooklyn on 11-01-12. Tress knocked down power lines on the whole block.

Trees, power lines, and sidewalks were destroyed.

Thos pole with downed wires sits opposite my mom's house.

The view of my mom's block.

The view from my mom's porch.

Flooded Breezy Point on 11-01-12.

This home was picked up and moved by the storm surge.

The force of Sandy, flattened this home.

The outside wall was torn off by the storm.

Another destroyed home.

Looking south towards the beach.

Is that an oven or a fireplace?

A wide view of the area.

Looking East from the deck of a burned out home.

More than 118 homes were destroyed by the fire and storm.

Burned out remains.

A child's wagon sits in front of a burned out home.

An American Flag on a house that survived.

The contents of a burned out home.

Belle Harbor, on 11-01-12. This pub was destroyed by fire at the peak of the storm.

The fire destroyed 8 homes over 3 blocks. Firefighters were severly hampered by the storm surge and severe flooding, as the Sea met the Bay.

Fire apparatus were not able to get close to the fire.

This ironic statue sits in front of this burned out house.

Firefighters had to wade through chest high water to reach the fire.

Just the stairs remain.

Another destroyed home.

Ruined contents line the sidewalks of Belle Harbor.

More than 2 blocks of commercial buildings in the business district of Rockaway were destroyed by another massive fire. Firefighters did an outstanding job, under trying conditions, saving the exposed buildings.

Totally destroyed buildings.

It looks like a bomb went off.

The fire extended from Beach 113 Street to Beach 115 Street on Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Only the shell remains of this store.

Total and complete ruin.

The Boardwalk was severly damaged at Beach 116 Street.

The storm surge moved the boardwalk off their base and into buildings.

This section of boardwalk rests against this building.

This building on the beach was destroyed.

The roof of the pancaked building sits on the beach.

Tons of sand in front of the Sand Bar.

Autos were moved on top of other vehicles.

All the contents of the first floor of this firehouse were ruined by the storm surge.

This boat rests in the middle of Cross Bay Blvd in Broad Channel.


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