The damaged boardwalk at Jones Beach.

The contents of damaged homes lined the streets of long Beach.

The boardwalk at Rockaway Beach was totally destroyed. 11-06-12

Workers are putting sand back onto the beach in preperation of an approaching Nor' Easter. Photo taken on 11-06-11

A panoramic view of the damaged boardwalk.

The whole boardwalk is ruined.

The whole boardwalk will have to be replaced.

Damage, as far as the eye's can see, looking East.

Looking West.

The view from the beach looking at Dayton Towers.

The power of Sandy took out concrete signs.

The National Guard on the scene.

An army vehicle on Shore Front Parkway.

Parts of the boardwalk and vehicles were moved down the streets by Sandy.

So much Damage!

This may be the worst damage ever in Rockaway's history.

An overturned car is under the boardwalk.

The tires of the auto create this unique image.

Beach 127th Street in Belle Harbor, as you enter the beach.

This home was destroyed by the storm surge.

The Belle Harbor and the Neponset waterfront was severly damaged, and many homes will have to be demolished.

This home lost it's roof.

The basement and first floor of this house suffered major damage.

The power of the 12 to 13 foot storm surge caused severe major damage along the North East Coast of New York and New Jersey.

Looking inside of this condemned home.

It looks like this extension seperated from the main part of the house.

Another home with it's exposed first floor.

The second floor of this home collapsed, exposing the master bedroom.

Two expensive autos in the garage, along with the house, were destroyed by Sandy.

Another view of the damaged home.

A panoramic view of the waterfront.

This house is in the process of being demolished.

These posessions were removed from the house prior to demolition.

Another condemned home.

The storm surge knocked over concrete barriers destroying everything in it's path.

The wall facing the beach and the first floor was undermined by the storm surge.

The remains of the kitchen area is seen from the beach.

An American Flag flies over the damaged boardwalk.

The surge damaged sidewalks and buckled streets in the area.

Part of the boardwalk rests against this apartment building.

Part of the boardwalk was pushed in the middle of Beach 123rd Street.

The street sign also moved with the boardwalk.

An incredible amount of debris sits in front of houses.

Along with tons of debris, beach sand was all over the streets of Belle Harbor.

Homeowners had to remove water damaged drywall, insulation, and anything that was wet, before mold set in.

Numerous organizations came to help in the clean-up effort.


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